Talking Shop: Extreme Weather and the Climate Connection

Attention Journalists: Join us for our next Talking Shop webinar, co-hosted by Climate Central, about covering extreme weather events through a climate lens.

Attention Journalists: On Wednesday, July 1, at 12:00 noon Eastern time, Covering Climate Now will host our next Talking Shop webinar, co-hosted by Climate Central, about covering extreme weather events through a climate lens. You can RSVP below — we hope to see you there!

Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes have become common in recent years. Yet too often, we as journalists struggle to report the climate connection, which leaves our stories incomplete and our audiences misinformed on climate. The storm season this year is forecast to be especially active, so unfortunately there will likely be no shortage of opportunities to get this right. Our Talking Shop will convene meteorologists and other journalists to share the latest science and best practices for how to include it in your summer weather coverage and reporting.As always in our Talking Shop series, collegial Q&A will occupy most of the hour. The session is by and for journalists, and you or your news outlet do NOT have to be CCNow members to participate.


  • John Morales, Chief Meteorologist at NBC News affiliate WTVJ in Miami
  • Kat Snow, Science  Editor at KQED public radio in San Francisco
  • Manka Behl, Senior Correspondent at The Times of India covering Environment and Climate Change

Mark Hertsgaard, CCNow’s executive director and the environment correspondent for The Nation, and Bernadette Woods Placky, Chief Meteorologist and Climate Matters Director at Climate Central, will moderate.

DATE/TIME via Zoom: Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 12 pm, U.S. Eastern time. Following the webinar, a recording will be posted at

RSVP: Please RSVP here. Feel free to share this invite with other journalists—but journalists only, please. You can submit your questions ahead of time when you RSVP or during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

QUESTIONS: Please email Symone Moore:

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