Talking Shop: Climate Change Reporting in a Post-pandemic World

How can media organizations keep climate change top of the agenda at the dawn of a pivotal decade? Join us on May 19 for a CCNow Talking Shop webinar, co-hosted with Reuters, where journalists discuss how to meet this challenge.

With the coronavirus dominating headlines, how can media organizations also do justice to the even bigger story of climate change?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Hong Kong: 11:00 PM | London: 4:00 PM | New York: 11:00 AM 

Covering Climate Now is teaming up with Reuters to co-host a Talking Shop webinar where journalists discuss how to meet this challenge.  As newsrooms around the world grapple with furloughed staff and reduced budgets, we invite reporters and editors from all platforms—digital, print, TV, radio, multi-media—to join the conversation about how to create impactful journalism that resonates with the public and policymakers alike.

As this will be an interactive webinar, where speakers briefly kick off the conversation, most of the hour will be devoted to collegial back-and-forth.  Topics include how reporters and editors can:

  • Persuade newsroom colleagues that climate change deserves high-profile coverage
  • Generate climate stories that cut through the noise and have impact
  • Integrate climate across all reporting disciplines and beats
  • Harness the huge interest in this topic to grow younger audiences and drive revenue

The panel will be hosted by Matthew Green, climate correspondent at Reuters. Panelists will include Covering Climate Now Executive Director Mark Hertsgaard of The Nation, alongside Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson, senior editor Special Projects and The Wider Image at Reuters, and Jane Spencer, deputy editor of The Guardian.

Covering Climate Now is a global journalism initiative dedicated to transforming coverage of the climate story.  Organized by journalists, for journalists, its partners include Reuters and more than 400 news outlets with a combined audience approaching 2 billion people.

To mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Reuters is launching a series of webinars that will examine the environmental crisis through the lens of a global pandemic.

Over the course of four webinars, running from May to June 2020, Reuters editorial team will be joined by experts, activists, journalists and professors to share expertise and experience, offering listeners a unique perspective into environmental coverage and the implications of the coronavirus.