Watch: Building Climate Confidence: Texas

Our panel of experts discuss the climate reporting issues that matter most for Texas.

Newsrooms across Texas will never forget February’s devastating winter storm and the many sacrifices journalists made to keep the critical information flowing. Scientists are still exploring what role climate change played in our winter storm. But we do know this: climate change is already bringing Texas more extreme coastal storms and heat waves that are increasingly expensive to recover from.

WFAA, Covering Climate Now and Climate Matters in the Newsroom co-hosting a statewide training webinar on April 7, 2021 for those who are relatively new to the climate story. Our panel of experienced journalists share their testimony on how they got up to speed on the climate issue, challenges they’ve faced in reporting, and ideas on how to tell localized, human-centered stories that will engage audiences. We flag common mistakes and best practices to emulate. (See this new CCNow guide, Building Climate Reporting Confidence: Texas, which provides general resources for reporting on the climate crisis, as well as those specific to the South.)


Mark Hertsgaard, CCNow’s executive director and the environment correspondent for The Nation and Bernadette Woods Placky, Climate Central Chief Meteorologist, Climate Matters Director will co-moderate.