From nonprofit newsrooms to national television networks and global news agencies, our partners hail from more than 60 countries.

What We Do

Covering Climate Now helps journalists and newsrooms improve the caliber and prominence of their reporting through training, networking, collaboration, and more. Over 500 journalism outlets from around the world have joined CCNow, including some of the biggest names in journalism — the Guardian, TIME, The Times of India, Al Jazeera English, Reuters, Bloomberg, Agence France-Presse, NBC, ABC, CBS News, and more — along with scores of local and special interest publications. CCNow collaborates with journalism support organizations such as Climate Central, the Society of Environmental Journalists, and Solutions Journalism Network to advance the quality, impact, and reach of climate journalism.

“Now more than ever it is important to cover one of the most pressing issues in our lifetimes,” said Al Roker, who announced the collaboration on the NBC News TODAY show.

Who Can Join

News outlets and individual journalists are welcome to apply to join CCNow. All who join must be editorially independent, non-partisan, non-governmental, and not involved in activism or advocacy work. Eligible news organizations — including news agencies, radio stations, trade publications, and other journalistic publications — will have two or more staff people and regularly publish original, factual, reported work. Joining CCNow and accessing its benefits are free of charge.

News Outlets

News outlets are at the core of the collaboration. Journalism outlets striving to improve the caliber and prominence of their climate coverage are welcome to apply.

Can Individual Journalists Join?

Yes. We invite individual journalists dedicated to climate reporting to become members of the collaboration, whether or not they work at a partner outlet.

How to Take Part

By joining CCNow, you become part of a global community of journalists committed to producing more and better climate coverage — to network, learn, contribute, share, and gain visibility within the climate journalism community.

Professional Development & Newsroom Training

  • Enroll in our customized training programs to improve climate reporting throughout your newsroom. Contact us for more information, or, if you work for a local TV station in the US, check out The Climate Station.
  • Take part in CCNow press briefings, Talking Shops, and other events to improve your climate reporting and to better understand the most critical climate issues.
  • What are we missing? Let us know what you need and help shape our offerings.

Networking & Collaboration

  • Connect with over 1,500 journalists around the world in CCNow's Slack workspace, and share your knowledge, stories, questions, and support.
  • Use our Sharing Library to gain a wider audience for your own work and diversify your newsroom’s coverage by republishing stories from other news outlets.
  • Interested in collaborating with another newsroom on a story? Let us know and we’ll work to match you with one of our partners.

Resources & Editorial Support

What We Ask of You

Joining CCNow costs nothing. All we ask is that you commit to our mission of improving the caliber and prominence of climate coverage. Specifically, we invite you to:

Uphold climate science in your reporting to ensure accurate and reliable information reaches the public, fostering informed understanding and meaningful action.

Work towards developing an all-of-newsroom coverage strategy (i.e., don’t silo climate as only a weather story), because climate change touches every aspect of people’s lives.

Let us know what you need to improve your climate coverage — we’re here to help!

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