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We facilitate content sharing between our partners, free of charge, because the climate story deserves as wide an audience as possible.

Welcome to the CCNow sharing library, a resource that our partners use to find, access and share stories with the CCNow community. Here you’ll find a database of stories available for republication and rebroadcast, as well as guidelines for you to follow when doing so. Please consult these guidelines before using CCNow partner content. Some news outlets, such as The Guardian, Reuters and HuffPost, have their own guidelines, which are also included here.

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Have a story that you want to share with the CCNow community? We welcome submissions to our Sharing Library by CCNow partners. Please submit climate-related stories that may be of interest to other partners for republication or rebroadcast, including news, features, op-eds and columns, audio segments and video segments. If you have any questions contact us at

Sharing Requirements & Guidelines

Required Tagline

This article by [originating outlet name, with a link to story or homepage] is published here as part of the global journalism collaboration Covering Climate Now.


Include the CCNow logo when possible. Assets provided in EPS, PNG, and JPG formats. Download.


We ask that you share stories via your outlet’s social media platforms, using #CCNow and @CoveringClimate.


Images may not be reproduced, unless doing so is clearly permitted. When imagery is provided, please credit accordingly.


Headlines may be altered, as long as your headline retains the original meaning and does not introduce new spin or agenda.


Stories may be “localized.” For example, a story that mentions the city “Norwich,” may need to say “Norwich, England” for publications and websites outside of the UK. We ask that edits stop at matters of style.


Time markers may be altered, where significant time passed from the original story’s publication makes them inaccurate.


Stories may be translated. Please send the translated story link to, so partners benefit from the translation.


Grammar and spelling may be corrected, both for stories being published across regions (i.e., US to UK) and for stories that contain typos or errors.

When republishing content from The Guardian, partners must consent to a simple licensing agreement that offers legal permission to republish their stories. You can read the licensing agreement here. Once you have read the form, there is an assumption of consent and compliance, and you may republish The Guardian’s content, consistent with CCNow’s standard guidelines. (Please note: The former requirement to email The Guardian in the case of republishing their content no longer applies.)

When republishing content from Reuters, partners must consent to a simple licensing agreement that offers legal permission to republish their stories. Once you’ve read it, please send a single email to The email should state that you agree to Reuters’ licensing agreement and specify the headline of the story or stories that will be republished.

To republish stories from HuffPost, please send an email to listing the articles you are interested in republishing. She will send you a licensing agreement for review.

Email with any questions.

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