CCNow’s Special on the Climate Crisis

Burning Questions takes viewers on a journey across the country and around the world to the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Will we act in time? Extraordinary journalists report on stories of struggle and resilience from around the world as families from Senegal to Samoa and India to the United States lose everything they care about to drought, fire, and rising seas. 

Co-hosted by NBC Today’s Al Roker and NBC News’ Savannah Sellers, this one-hour climate special brings together work by CCNow award-winning journalists and explores who is paying the price while world leaders wrangle and corporate interests resist change. 

Never before has reporting from so many major news organizations been brought together to tell the climate story. Journalists from the Guardian, Agence-France Presse, the Los Angeles Times, Sesame Workshop, Al Jazeera English, PBS NewsHour, TIME, Channel 4 (UK), the Post and Courier, and more take viewers behind the scenes, recounting the stories in their award-winning coverage and how they went about reporting them. Get to know all the journalists – see the full list of 2022 Covering Climate Now Journalism Award winners

Burning Questions premiered October 25 on public broadcasting’s WORLD Channel and is available on this page and on public broadcasting’s WORLD YouTube channel for on-demand streaming.