Living Through the Climate Emergency

CCNow partners told powerful stories focused on how people and places experience the climate emergency and how they can survive it.

Covering Climate Now’s extended joint coverage week themed “Living Through the Climate Emergency” was a powerful exercise in public spirited journalism. Even amid other urgent news events—namely, the trial of Derek Chauvin and a still lingering (in some locations, surging) pandemic—our partners showed audiences the human side of the climate emergency. The message—that climate change is already taking its toll but that we have the solutions to reverse humanity’s current destructive trend—rang loud and clear.

Throughout the week, partners big and small told powerful, human-centered stories, detailing how climate is intersecting with schoolstransportationhealthcarehousinghomelessnessfarmingfoodmigration, and just about every other aspect of social life. Stories detailed environmental devastation faced by Indigenous tribes in the US—and also the hope some tribes are finding by implementing climate solutions. They covered activists we know and others we might not, who continue to fight for a safer and more equal planet, even when confronted with extreme adversity. Collectively, the stories demonstrated what we say so often at CCNow: that climate change is a story for every beat in the newsroom.

CCNow partners should feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. We’re impressed by the range of stories our partners executed and grateful for the leadership they demonstrated. Here are a few of the pieces we loved from the week.

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