The Climate Elections

Our new initiative aims to empower journalists to integrate climate change into their campaign and elections reporting.

Climate Elections Resources

Covering Climate Now has launched The Climate Elections project, a nonpartisan effort to help journalists and newsrooms give climate change, and its solutions, the coverage it deserves in 2024 elections coverage.

The climate stakes at this perilous moment are undeniably high. “Countries around the world face critical questions about leaving fossil fuels behind, adapting our transportation infrastructure, housing stock, and farming practices to increasingly harsh weather, and protecting the people most at risk,” write CCNow’s co-founders and veteran journalists Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope.

Addressing climate change in time requires a worldwide effort, at every level of government and society, but contrary to attempts to politicize the issue, climate change is not partisan — and neither is reporting on it.

To help journalists ramp up their climate reporting, CCNow is offering a few new tools:

  • Our new weekly newsletter Climate on the Ballot. Every Monday morning we’ll offer up a fresh climate-related topic each week, with story ideas and examples of outstanding coverage for integrating climate into local, state, and national reporting. Sign up to receive Climate on the Ballot — in English and Spanish —  in your inbox.
  • CCNow election webinars. The first, “Beyond the Stump Speech,” will be held on February 13, and feature Margaret Sullivan, columnist for the Guardian and Executive Director of Columbia’s Newmark Center, and Ben Tracy, senior national and environmental correspondent for CBS News. CCNow’s Kyle Pope will moderate.
  • More to come. In the coming weeks, we’ll roll out additional resources, including a calendar with critical election and climate dates and a guide to help reporters and editors on politics desks get up to speed on the climate story.

Our Sharing Library helps CCNow partners amplify their outlets’ stories, by making them available to other newsrooms for republication, and helps partners expand their own coverage by running stories available for syndication.

And we want to hear from journalists and newsrooms. It’s our responsibility in an election year to inform voters about what’s at stake, and what the candidates plan to do about it. How can CCNow help you and your colleagues deliver on that responsibility?

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