Climate News and Newsletters

Here's what to read for the latest in climate news, as well as newsletters we recommend.

Here are some of the best sources for climate news and recommended newsletters.

Covering Climate Nows weekly newsletter, the Climate Beat, curates essential climate news, events, resources, and tools for journalists, as well as commentary and analysis on climate journalism from CCNow’s Executive Director Mark Hertsgaard.

The Guardian was chosen as Covering Climate Now’s first media partner because its climate coverage is the global gold standard: smart story selection, deep reporting grounded in the latest science and human realities, and consistent front page play.  Journalists everywhere should emulate their example.

The Atlantic recently launched The Weekly Planet, a guide to living through climate change that offers ideas and information to help readers “flourish on a changing planet.”

Climate y Medio Ambiente features a round up of environmental news and reporting about the climate crisis in Spanish from EL PAÍS.

Bloomberg Green, from Bloomberg Media, is an excellent source of smart, comprehensive climate coverage with particular focus on business, green finance, and solutions. Highlights are delivered via their Green Daily newsletter.

The Frontline, written by Atmos’ Climate Editor Yessenia Funes, is a daily newsletter that focuses on climate and environmental justice.

The Los Angeles Times explores climate change, energy, and the environment with an emphasis on California. Its weekly Boiling Point newsletter is written by energy reporter Sammy Roth.

The New York Times reports on climate and environment each day, and produces stunning, in-depth multi-media reports. Its weekly Climate Fwd newsletter provides stories and insights about climate change plus tips on how people can help.

The New Yorker regularly publishes articles by climate activist and author Bill McKibben, who also writes a weekly newsletter called Climate Crisis, with insights from the climate movement.

Climate Nexus is another daily must read for serious climate journalists.  Sign up for their Daily Hot News newsletter, which briefly summarizes and links to about 30 climate stories–mostly news, some opinion pieces—every morning.

Grist, dedicated to “a future that doesn’t suck,” is perhaps the best tracker of climate activism via its Daily Digest.

The Phoenix, written by meteorologist and climate journalist Eric Holthaus, focuses on humanizing the climate emergency and providing a space to “process the shared trauma and grief and joy and elation that comes along with doing this world-building work.”

Heated is Emily Atkin’s daily newsletter meant for people who are “pissed off about the climate crisis,” which should be everyone. It aims to expose and explain the forces behind past and present inaction on the “most existential threat of our time.”

Inside Climate News’ “Today’s Climate” newsletter delivers climate headlines each day from around the web, with helpful summaries. They also offer newsletters for breaking news and weekly roundups.

Daily Climate’s newsletter offers original reporting and links to notable stories, presented with verve and rigor.

Our Daily Planet is an environmental news platform and newsletter. Check it out for an engaging and easy-to-read breakdown of topics connecting the climate crisis and conservation with social justice, national security, public health, the economy, and more.

Hot Take by Mary Annaise Heglar and Amy Westervelt is a weekly newsletter that curates the best in climate writing, alongside their intersectional analysis of the climate conversation.

Climate Home News, based in the UK, has a more global focus; their weekly newsletter is a good source for European and other international stories.

Hothouse is a bimonthly “climate action newsletter” focused on solutions, including original, evidence-based journalism.